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Returning to the fundamentals of patient care.

American Dental Affiliates  is centered on the foundational principle that in the corporate-dominated world of dentistry, non-corporate, private dental practices can not only survive in the coming decades, but, with the optimal mix of innovation, resources, and partnerships, they can thrive. Meet Michael below, explore our core principle and how we help practices, and visit Affiliation or Careers to get more details about working with us!


Michael began his career in the military as an all-source intelligence analyst providing sensitive information analysis and operational mission support during Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). After leaving the service, Michael joined an HCM consultancy firm focused on providing employee life-cycle consulting and training, where he gained valuable experience in helping companies understand the value human capital brings in organizational growth. During the latter-half of the economic recession, Michael joined the investment advisory services arm of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, where he provided and recommended alternative investment strategies and portfolio management services to HNW families and businesses.

In 2015, Michael joined a DSO startup in Houston, TX, where he contributed in both chief operating and M&A roles; resulting in 5x company growth over his tenure.

At the beginning of 2020, Michael received investment backing to launch American Dental Affiliates, “The Dentist’s DSO”. The aim of American Dental Affiliates, is to transform the way dentists can contribute within a rapidly consolidating DSO environment. Michael believes that dentists should not only play a lead role in the consolidation of their own industry, but be able to reap the financial rewards of one of the biggest historical moments in dental history.

Michael’s business philosophy is simple:

  • Good people & great culture drive successful practices
  • Transparency & honesty is a MUST in all partnerships
  • Patients deserve the best & the dentist knows best

Michael is excited to partner with dentists who believe in this philosophy and want to be successful together.

Say goodbye to risk and management headaches.

Our team offers solutions that make running a dental practice simple and intuitive while increasing its overall revenue and value. With the dental industry rapidly consolidating, we can provide partnership plans that limit both the financial risk and management stress experienced by dentists. The dentists we work with keep their leadership and control over their practice, while being able to spend more time with friends and family for the first time in years. Our dentists don’t just increase revenue – they increase their quality of life. 

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