American Dental Affiliates


A smoother transition,

We provide a secure, flexible path that allows you to transition towards retirement on your own pace while continuing to build you and your practice’s legacy.

A better career.

You want a career in dentistry that exists within a high quality, collaborative environment,
with the ability to build a long-term patient base, and the flexibility to live and work on your own terms.


We’re reimagining private practice dentistry for the next generation

Our Beliefs

Long-term relationships are vital

We strongly believe in a practice model that supports long-term patient relationships that best serve the patient as well as the dentist and staff.


Freedom of choice

Dentists should have the career option that allows them to enjoy the flexibility and clinical focus of an employment-based career without sacrificing the private ownership of their practice.


Secure retirement without limitations

Practitioners approaching retirement should have the financial flexibility to begin planning for the future while continuing to practice on a schedule built around their life and needs.

Affiliation Opportunities

Security. Flexibility. Freedom.
Whether you’re looking towards retirement or simply ready to live the life of your dreams, American Dental Affiliates can help you achieve the personal, professional and financial flexibility you’ve always imagined.

Career Opportunities

Choose Quality and Flexibility.
Our affiliated practices operate on unmatched levels of expertise and quality. Build long-term patient relationships while practicing in a fun, collaborative practice environment.
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